PA6 Amilan CM1001G-15 15gf Nylon 6 Plastic Raw Material

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PA6 Amilan CM1001G-15 15gf Nylon 6 Plastic raw materialPA6 Amilan CM1001G-15 15gf Nylon 6 Plastic raw material
Model: Amilan PA6 CM1001G15
Performance: Glass fiber reinforced grade PA6, 15% glass fiber reinforced, good toughness, high strength, good heat resistance, good fluidity, injection molding. Overview of PA6 Introduction to PA6
Nylon (polyamide) is the earliest and most widely used thermoplastic engineering plastic. It has excellent properties such as toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and oil resistance. After more than 60 years of development, the world's nylon production is close to 6 million tons. It is the most important polymer material among the five engineering plastics, with the largest output, the most versatile and the most varieties. However, nylon, especially PA6, has low temperature and dry impact properties and absorbs water. The rate is big and other weaknesses. In order to meet the needs of industrial development, research into the direction of high impact, low water absorption and optimized processing has become a topic of wide concern. In many applications, there is a higher requirement for the toughness of nylon. Therefore, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to toughen and modify PA6. Various grades of high impact nylon 6 alloy (super tough nylon) have been developed in the United States, Western Europe and Japan. One of them is the Zytel-ST series from Du Pont...[PA6]

The general performance of PA6
Nylon 6 (PA6) is a ring-opening polycondensation of cyclocaprolactam. PA6 was first developed by the BASF joint venture company in Germany in 1937 and officially industrialized in 1942. The polyamide macromolecular structure contains a large amount of amide groups, and the macromolecular end is an amino group or a carboxyl group. It is a semi-crystalline polymer which has strong polarity and can form hydrogen bonds and has certain reactivity. PA6 is a monoclinic crystal in a "zigzag" shape, forming alpha and gamma crystals, usually having a crystallinity of 20-30% and a crystal density of 1.24 [2]. Since the crystallinity is small, a large amount of amide bond is distributed in the amorphous region, and this part of the amide bond can coordinate with the water molecule, that is, it has water absorption. PA6 has excellent comprehensive performance: high strength, good toughness (wet state); good oil resistance, organic solvent resistance, chemical resistance; small friction coefficient, excellent self-lubricating performance; good processing performance, so it is widely used.. .[PA6]

The application area of ​​PA6 is widely used in the comprehensive performance of PA6 - such as automotive, electrical and electronic, machinery, packaging, weapons, communications, aerospace, office machines, home appliances, construction, daily necessities, sporting goods, etc., especially automobiles, The use of industries such as electronics and packaging has been on the rise. The application research in China started earlier, starting in the 1960s, but the application amount has been very small. In recent years, the application range has been widened and the application volume has increased rapidly. In the period of 1999-2005, the demand for PA6 in the transportation sector and electronic appliances increased significantly. The consumption will increase from 770kt in 1999 to 1033kt in 2005. The demand for these two accounts for more than 40% of the total demand for nylon 6. The automotive industry in the transportation sector is the most important application area for nylon 6. Resilience PA6 is mainly used as tubing clamps, snaps, doors, front and rear covers, handles, etc. [PA6]

PA6 processing attention Currently in the PA6 engineering plastics industry, 80% use injection molding. In the molding process of plastic products, due to various factors such as molding materials, molding dies, injection machines, auxiliary equipment, molding environment, etc., the inherent and appearance quality of injection molded products often have various problems. In general, the molding quality of PA products mainly includes the appearance of the product, the dimensional accuracy of the product, and the physical properties of the product. There are many reasons for these defects. It may be that the improper selection of PA6 plastic materials or injection molding process may be the result of unreasonable mold design or multi-factor combination. In this paper, the causes of some typical injection molding defects are analyzed from the injection molding process and equipment, injection molds, plastic materials, the common quality defects of injection molded parts...[PA6]

Prospects for the development of PA6 A large number of studies have been carried out on the modification of nylon 6 by domestic and foreign scholars, and many products with excellent comprehensive performance and good processing performance have been obtained. However, compared with the advanced foreign technology, the gap between China's economic development and the foreign advanced technology is self-evident. At present, we should pay attention to the pilot test of more mature research results until the scale of production, thereby reducing the production costs of domestic users. At the same time, on the basis of strengthening the research of traditional PA6 blending methods, we should gradually carry out research on some new PA6 modification methods, accelerate the research progress of nylon 6 modification, and develop serialized high temperature resistance, low moisture absorption, electroplating, high hardness and high. The modified PA6 with special properties such as strength and high barrier properties further broadens the application field of nylon 6 to meet the needs of technological development. Preparation of high toughness nylon 6 by polyolefin elastomer toughening method is the most important development direction of toughened PA6 [PA6]

PA6 (polyamide, nylon 6) engineering plastic materials
1. Supply PA6 Japan Toray CM1017 (unreinforced translucent V2 fire protection);
Supply PA6 Japan Toray CM1014, CM1030 (non-halogen, V0 fireproof);
Supply PA6 Japan Toray CM1001G-20, CM1001G-15 (high flow glass fiber reinforced);
2. Supply PA6 Japan Ube 1030B (V2 fireproof, high-viscosity extrusion grade); 1013B, 1015B, 1013NW8 (V2 fireproof, standard adhesive injection molding grade);
1013NB (V2 fireproof, standard strength pure transparent);
3. Supply PA6 Japan Mitsubishi injection molding grade 1010C2, 1010N2, 3010N; 3010GN15, 3021GH30
Supply PA6 Japan Mitsubishi 1030 (high viscosity high transparent film grade);
4. Supply PA6 US DuPont glass fiber reinforced 73G20L, 73G30L, 73G30HSL, 73G15HSL;
5. Supply PA6 Germany LANXESS (Bayer) B30S (HB grade, non-enhanced, high flow MI=110);
Supply PA6 Germany LANXESS (Bayer) BKV130, BKV130H1.0, BKV130H2.0 (30% glass fiber reinforced injection molding grade);
Supply PA6 Germany LANXESS (Bayer) BKV15H2.0, BKV30H1.0 (glass fiber reinforced, heat stable grade);
6. Supply PA6 Germany BASF glass fiber reinforced B3EG3, B3ZG3 (15% GF); B3EG6, B3WG6, B3ZG6; B3EG7 (35% GF);
B3S film grade is not enhanced; B3K, C35, B3WM602;
7. Supply PA6 Taiwan Jisheng injection molding grade TP-4407, TP-4208, HP-6603;
8. Supply PA6 Switzerland EMS: BG-25, 30S, PV-5HH;
9. Supply PA6 Netherlands DSM glass fiber reinforced grade K224-G6 (30%), K224-G3 (15%), K224-PG3, S223G6, F223-D;
PA6 series product introduction
PA6 is a series of modified engineering plastic alloys, including: enhanced, flame retardant, anti-warping, wear-resistant, etc., PA6 features are as follows:
* Balanced and excellent mechanical properties, characterized by high impact performance than ordinary PA6, not brittle at low temperatures.
The water absorption rate is significantly improved compared with the non-modified nylon, so the dimensional stability is better.
*The flame retardant level is UL94 (1/16) V-0.
* With a unique stabilizer system, the product has excellent aging resistance.
*Injection processing temperature control range is wide, curing speed is fast, and molding cycle is short.
It is suitable for parts with dimensional stability, impact resistance, wear resistance, high strength and good flame retardancy, especially large structural parts that replace certain metals.
Connectors, switches, relays, housings.
Textile equipment, sports equipment, mining machinery, handles.
Automobile water tank, engine valve cover, automobile electrical appliances, forward gear cover, wheel guard, water room, etc.
Classification: anti-static nylon PA plastic raw materials, conductive nylon PA plastic raw materials, plus fiber fireproof nylon PA plastic raw materials,
No fiber nylon plastic material, fireproof nylon PA plastic material, UV resistant weather resistant nylon PA plastic material,
High temperature extrusion grade nylon PA plastic material.

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