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Best makeup artist in mumbai
If you are a bride who has oily skin, we're sure your number one concern is to not look like a greasy mess on your wedding day. Hence, pre-bridal skin care or the right makeup techniques are going to be your main focus for your d-day. While it is extremely difficult to keep oily skin under wraps, it's not impossible. With a few simple hacks and mattifying products you can conceal your oiliness and look flawless.

Here are a few skin hacks for all your brides with oily skin to ensure that you look your best on your wedding day. Scroll through to read all the tips and tricks that we have curated for you:

Ice to make your skin look nice
Rubbing an ice cube can work wonders and give your face a flushed look. Wondering how? Ice cube helps to tighten pores as the sudden dip in the temperature instantly reduces sebum (excess oil) production and gives you a non-oily look. This means, you will also need lesser makeup product to cover up your pores.
Tone it down
Here's an important step most brides with oily skin forget! Toners should be a part of your every day skincare routine. They remove any residue of dirt and also help to tighten the pores. After all, tight pores are the only way to less shine. Choose an alcohol free toner to avoid unwanted zits on your wedding day. Rely on a tried and tested toner to avoid any breakouts on your wedding day!
Primer is of prime importance
...never ever skip it. Beg, borrow, buy or steal, don't start applying makeup without a primer. Primer is indeed a blessing in disguise for brides with oily skin. Primers primarily reduce the appearance of excess oil on the skin and create the illusion of non-greasy skin. Well, that's not all. You can also use your mattifying primer to create the ideal base for flawless-looking makeup application.
You are what you eat
Indeed a true statement. Your diet really plays an important role in how your skin feels and looks. Eat food rich in Vitamin A to slow down the oil production. Also, try to limit your alcohol consumption and definitely avoid oily, fried and greasy food.

Say no to steam
and yes to clay masks! Don't opt for facials with steam and go for masks instead as they will help to reduce oil production and even get your face rid of impurities. You can indulge in this skincare ritual once a week to bid adieu oily skin.

Add DIY treatments to your regimen
Want tips to deal with oily skin naturally? Go for DIY treatments. Aloe gel, tomato pulp and honey, and coffee scrub go a long way in helping your skin reduce the production of unwanted oil and keep your face grease-free.

Let it bake
No we don't mean it literally. Apply a mattifying setting powder onto your final makeup and make sure it doesn't move. This hack has been acclaimed as one of the most effective ways to ensure that makeup lasts longer and oil doesn’t let it smudge no matter what!

Make blotting paper your BFF
All the camera flash and the lights from the decor could affect your makeup and make it runny. To keep it away from the camera, makeup artist in Mumbai don't forget to keep blotting papers handy. They can fix the shine by instantly soaking up the excess oil and making your skin look fresh in a matter of seconds.

Set it till you make it
Here's another important step for brides with oily skin. Use a setting spray to hold your makeup and let the excess oil dry. A water-based mist, setting sprays are safe and keep your makeup in place.

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